Accelerate your investment process and get back to growing your business

Step Up Funding accelerates the investment process so you can focus on growing your business 


  • Review of Funding Needs
  • Preparation for Investment Meetings
  • Preparation for Due-Diligence
  • Corporate "Check-Up" and "Clean-Up"
  • Funding Document Assistance and Q&A
  • Coaching and Honest Feedback

We've Been in Your Shoes

Our professional staff includes successful entrepreneurs familiar with growing start-up businesses and negotiating funding.  We have expertise in all aspects of the start-up process, including due diligence, funding documents, the negotiating process, and more

When Should I Contact Step Up Funding?

 If your start-up is ready for funding, contact us. We will prepare you for the funding process before you step in front of investors. 

What is the "Step Up" Process?

 We review your preparation for investment, give honest feedback, and prepare the funding docs to enhance your readiness and negotiations. 

Why Hire Step Up Funding?

 We've been there, done that, and know what investors want. We strive to get you to a win-win deal quickly so you can get back to growing your business.