Step Up Funding is a service company that accelerates the investment process for entrepreneurs. It promotes faster funding for start-ups by providing a comprehensive process that includes coaching, funding needs discussion, preparation for investment meetings and due-diligence, and explanation and customization of convertible note funding documents to include win-win terms. With win-win funding documents and more up-front preparation, together with a compelling business idea, entrepreneurs will be in a better position to approach investors, quickly close funding, and get back to growing their business. 


Step Up Funding's founder, Alisa Yaffa, is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys helping companies grow. She is a Silicon-Valley high-tech executive who co-founded Synplicity, an Electronic Design Automation company, in 1994.  During the 14 years from start-up through IPO to sale, Alisa held at various times most of the executive operational roles, negotiated 4 rounds of funding, was involved with the IPO in 2000, various acquisitions and due-diligence projects, and the final sale to Synopsys in 2008. As Chairman of the Board, she got to see it all. She especially enjoyed the legal, financial, and corporate governance work. She now advises and invests in early stage companies and is on the Board of X-Mode  Social, a big-data location intelligence startup.

What People are Saying...

Gary Meyers, past CEO of FusionOps

 "Alisa Yaffa's help with creating the note funding documents helped me close my angel round faster because it contained win-win terms and reduced the need for drawn-out negotiations.  It also dramatically reduced costly attorney iterations."

Michael Halloran, Partner, Halloran Farkas + Kittila LLP

 "I worked with Alisa when she was Chair of the Board of Synplicity, Inc. She co-founded the company and developed it into a multi-million dollar enterprise in the advanced semiconductor design software space, ultimately taking it public and later selling to a larger public company for $227M. She has a proven talent to help a developing stage company find its way, to grow to a larger company, to coach management and the board to success, and to find and address key issues. Based on my 30+ years advising companies from the legal standpoint in Silicon Valley, I would refer Alisa to any of my developing stage companies for her sage business and coaching advice."